Merged and unmerged dimensions’ behavior in a table

Let’s analyze how BO merges data providers. For this example we use the eFashion universe. We have 2 queries both using “Lines” and “Category” objects and each using a different measure. Additionally we apply a filter in each query on “Category” choosing one common value to both and one different. In this case in both filters we have “Jeans” as a common value.



After a refresh we merge only “Category” and create a simple table with a merged dimension plus both measures. Here is what we get:


Now let’s pull unmerged “Lines” dimensions:


We will be able to pull 1 dimension into the table but there will be an issue with the second one. Also the first unmerged dimension included in a table will serve as a filter removing a merged dimension value which is coming from the DP2 in our case “Jewelry”. However if we convert “Lines” dimension to a detail object and attach it to “Category (Merged)” we
will be able include it in the table. Notice that there still will be a filter caused by a first unmerged dimension.


If we remove that unmerged dimension, convert it into a detail and include it back in the table then we will get a full set of data.



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