Hide a column

In BO3.1 in Webi there is no default option to hide a column but fortunately there are some workarounds. Usually you want to hide a column which serves only to enforce a sort on a table. E.g. in here we have eFashion data where Quantity sold column is descending sorted and we want to hide it.


One option is to change a column’s color (font, background, borders) to match a report background, in our case white color. Then make it very thin, the minimum thickness you can set for a column is 4px.


This solution however brings some drawback. After exporting a data to excel users can still get hidden numbers.


To completely hide the column even in Excel you can apply a different solution. On a column put an alerter in which we will hide data behind an empty string e.g. =”” and make other column properties matching the report’s background. Make sure you define an alerter condition that is always true e.g. formula =1.



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